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SB Women’s Self Defense

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Feeling more security and well-being by increasing the Safety Awareness of what the potentially dangerous, harmful or destructive personality signs look like in someone your are starting to know.

Learning Mental and Physical Boundary setting skills to maintain respectful interaction and comfort levels abided by.

Knowing a few skills of protection that can extricate yourself from unwanted physical restraint to being trapped by someone.

Looking and feeling Confident, Self-Reliant and Empowered.

This is FUN, Informative and Empowering to move you forward into the happy, healthy, positive and mutually empowering relationships you desire!

Name of Program:  Dating Safely Self Defense Workshop

Dates Available:  June 19th, Friday  5:30-7:30pm

June 27th  Saturday 4-6pm

Provided by Santa Barbara Women’s Self Defense

Self Defense Instructor:  Teri Coffee McDuffie

Special Offer for Men & Women of Santa Barbara Matchmaking connection:  $50 per person for 2 hour Workshop- includes wine/beverages and snacks in the last 1/2 hour.