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Zaca Mesa

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Come joins us for great wine at Zaca Mesa! We hand craft our wines with integrity using traditional methods from grapes sustainably growing our Santa Barbara County vineyard. Since 1973, we have farmed and nurtured our vineyard to produce wines that are true to the unique spirit of our land.

We would love to extend an offer of 2 Complimentary Tasting and 10% to your members for the month of June.
As far as the 2 Complimentary Tastings and 10% off wine purchase (no restrictions), I would like to send you a coupon that can be attached to emails for your members and printed. I send it as a jpeg that way it can be used in your Social Media posts. Your members will need to print it out that way we can keep track of how many people use the offer.

Just the 2 complimentary tastings is a $20 dollar value. With no restrictions on the 10% wine purchase, the amount you save will depend on your taste of wine!